Cairns, Australia

Our mission near Green Island

The Great Barrier Reef has been fighting survival for decades, due to increasing ocean temperatures and global climate change. Today, scientists estimate the Reef could be completely, and irreversibly, destroyed by 2050. 

Reef 1 solved a crucial piece of the puzzle for researchers monitoring the Reef, who previously had to manually retrieve data from ocean sensors. Now, data can come directly to researchers and the wider public thanks to aerospace technology.

This the first in a number of projects we are deploying to show the potential of this technology to drastically decrease the cost and improve the effectiveness of data monitoring and solving the world’s greatest issues through space.

Reef1 may be the beginning of a sensor-wide array Fleet could launch to provide a clearer picture of what’s happening on the Great Barrier Reef. By deploying more modules connected via Fleet’s nanosatellite technology, the Reef array will give everyone more information on how climate change is affecting the environment.

We want this project to show the impact that space, and technologies, can have on our lives down on Earth — beyond exploration. Saving the Reef is all our responsibility as human beings.

We hope this project and the data collected will give everyone greater access to information about the Reef that can help limit its destruction and recover where possible.

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Fleet would like to thank our partners in this project