Connecting IoT devices in New Zealand with Sensing Value


Graeme Everton has been working to ensure a sustainable future for indigenous communities in New Zealand all his career, and more often than not, his work has taken him at the cutting edge of technology.

With his team at Sensing Value, they have been exploring the impact of technology on agriculture, an industry of strategic importance for the Maori people of new Zealand. Based out of the Manawatu valley, the team has been trialling various ways to automate the farm operation to define a blueprint for the Maori farm of the future.

Whilst they have worked with sensors before, connectivity always had been a problem for them, in order to monitor those sensors remotely.This is where Fleet comes in. Fleet operates a connectivity service for low power devices in hard to reach areas.

As Graeme says, "One of the reasons we want to work with Fleet Space is their innovative use of edge computing. To cut down on unnecessary data traveling over satellite they process at edge and only send data that matters. Still learning what it takes to develop the profiles for IoT devices to run on the Fleet device but I see it being a great discipline to think about what you are trying to achieve with the data/device and only manage the data exchange between device and cloud to get the outcome you want. This is certainly critical when you are in rural areas with spotty backhaul."

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Max Girault