DRIPs Pilot Project

We are very happy to announce that Fleet has won a competitive grant from the Government of the Netherlands to fast-track a program aimed at revolutionising the global agricultural industry through nanosatellite technology.

With our project partners Disdrometrics and FactoryLab, the Netherlands’ Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation (MIT) program will allow us to conduct a world-first trial to connect data from irrigation systems on the ground to nanosatellites in orbit.

The Digital Rain IoT Platform via satellite (DRIPs) project will transform agriculture through real-time tracking of farm assets, able to prevent crop failure by 50% through precision agriculture. Farmers will be enabled to monitor soil moisture and rainfall at micro levels, using data to drive optimal irrigation and fertilisation. 

Through our technology, Fleet aims to improve global food production systems for growing global populations. Overall food production must be raised by 70% if we are to feed a world of 9.1 billion people in 2050.

A wireless network of irrigation sensors connected by satellites will allow for more precise agricultural reporting, weather monitoring, water distribution, land quality, and predicting future trends.

The potential economic advantages for farmers and food production globally will be life-changing, especially in remote areas of the world. 




Disdrometrics develops and deploys dense meteo networks to build decision support systems for climate monitoring. These networks provide detailed local environmental information (precipitation, humidity, soil moisture, temperature) especially for farmers. The key product of Disdrometrics is an acoustic, robust, low cost, precipitation device. Ideal to use in areas with a high spatial variability of rainfall.


About FactoryLab

FactoryLab is an industrial IoT company that specialises in LoRa based wireless data logging systems, helping customers connect sensors and setup local infrastructure to deploy LoRa networks. The expertise offered by FactoryLab makes connecting rain sensors from Disdrometrics to FLEET satellites, feasible via seamless LoRa communication. FactoryLab leads the way in the development of hardware that meets all requirements of the industry, combined with software for safe collection, storage and insight through online dashboards.