The global satellite network designed to connect Massive IoT devices in remote areas

Fleet is rolling out 1F - the first generation of our Low Earth Orbit IoT data connectivity network for industrial IoT applications in remote regions.


IoT needs a global standard

The Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications was deployed to allow humans to connect across the world with faster speeds and eventually paved the way for 3G, 4G and now 5G connectivity. Mobile technology changed forever how we do business, interact, and live our lives.

Now, there is a pressing need for a new global network for connectivity. A network that concentrates on low cost access where mobile cannot go. A network that focuses on remote massive IoT, taking advantage of the nanosatellite uprising and marrying it with our unique LoRa standard. Welcome to the small data revolution, where industry will reach massive economies of scale unlike anything seen before.

Fleet is rolling out 1F - the first generation of our Low Earth Orbit IoT data connectivity network for industrial IoT applications in remote regions.

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Opening up the world for Sky-oT

As we are, the Earth faces a serious problem where ninety percent of our planet’s surface has no low cost connectivity. Remote locations have zero access to mobile telecommunications, and high costs for traditional satellite connections are out of reach for most.

The answer lies in nanosatellite technology, and its world domination is approaching fast. We are on a mission to improve industrial efficiency around the world by maximising resource allocation for human civilisation. Nanosatellites are the key to massive scale deployments of sensors to gather important data and enable lasting change.

Businesses will grow rapidly due to measuring more things, new industries will erupt, profit margins will increase, all due to remote massive IoT technology.

More data was created in the last year than in the entire previous history of Earth. Every two years we generate ten times as much data, and the world simply must keep up with our need for analytics to ensure the greatest improvements to industry and humanity.

The IoT revolution has begun
now we're taking it to the world

With their widespread 3G coverage, the USA and China have had booming numbers of LPWAN sensors deployed - 20 Million grew to 2 Billion in 5 years. Imagine what will happen when the 90% of the world without low-cost coverage will open up.


LoRaSat and Low-Cost Connectivity

Fleet’s LoRaSat solution stems from us being part of the LoRa Alliance, a worldwide association of members who believe in the global standard for secure, carrier-grade long range communications for IoT connectivity.

Much like the early days of GSM, the standard for LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) is being set by industry leaders contributing to its evolution. Designed to support large networks with billions of devices and optimised for low power consumption, LoRaWAN will continue to evolve from its current form to encompass a future set by visionary companies such as Fleet.

Our unique technology is the only one of its kind in the world. With our solution, Fleet will become the market leader in low cost, low power connectivity for remote massive IoT through our unmatched ability to connect billions of sensors through our Portals that speak directly to our constellation of nanosatellites. Fleet will have full global coverage in 2019, starting with third-party partner satellite connectivity in 2018 for early adopters.

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The Benefit to Humanity

As the human population of Earth grows, as our climate suffers and pollution increases, it is clear that the world needs to find ways to change. We must take action, and Fleet aims to help create a better world by partnering with industry champions who see the need for efficiency and advancement.

Through being able to monitor changes caught by small data over sensor technology, together we will be helping to advance the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals of Responsible Consumption and Production, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, Life on Land and Climate Action amongst others.

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